Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Snorkeling Trip

This last weekend our family decided to get our and enjoy nature.  We did this by taking a trip to our reef, Barker's Reef.  The reef is literally across the street with a 20 minute swim, from our house.  Our kids are old enough that we can take them also.  Kate loves it, and this trip she finally learned to use a snorkel.
Porter usually just floats in the shallows with dad, but he still has fun splashing in the water with his kitchen utensils, and throwing rocks that dad gets from the bottom of the ocean.  Here is Porter floating in the shallows at the actual reef.                                                                                           
The Reef From below. The reef is teaming with life which makes it very fun to explore.  We call the barracuda above "Barry" because we see him every trip.  You cannot really tell in this picture, but he is probably a good 4-5 feet long.  I know he is longer than Kate!! 
These yellow guys are french grunts.  They like to hang out in schools by rocks.Here is the rest of the family taking a breather at the surface.  Kate and mom obviously giving the experience two thumbs up.We should have brought a picnic to enjoy at the reef on one of our breaks in the shallows.Some more pictures of the cool fish on the reef.  We can see blue damsel fish everywhere, and if you look carefully under the rocks you can see a puffer fish look back at you with big googly eyes.On the swim out Porter is either really bored, or the soothing rocking of the waves put him to sleep.  Either way Porter spends half of his time asleep.

We really enjoy going to the reef, and exploring the surroundings.  We are trying to enjoy as much of Cayman as possible during the next two weeks.  We sure will miss it, and all the water fun.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kate and Daddy Snorkeling

After almost 2 years on the island it is safe to say that Kate swims like a fish, and enjoys swimming with the fish.  It is hard to believe that when we moved here she couldn't swim at all.  Now she is swimming all over the Caribbean Sea.  We like to go snorkeling together, and we enjoy "looking for two fishs" as Kate says.
Look Kate we found "one, blue fish".

When the Fish started to swarm around us Kate finally got a little nervous.  To be fair though, so did her mom!  It is a little scary because some of the fish are really big.
Dora the explorer doesn't have anything on Kate. Kate loves to swim, and we are defeniteley going to miss the beach, the warm ocean water, and the tropical breezes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Fountains And Observation Tower At Camana Bay

This past Monday it was Jeff's day off from school so we went to Camana Bay and saw the new observation tower and new fountains that they just put in. The observation tower was really cool, they had all theses cool pictures that they did with really small tile all the way up to the top of the tower. The observation tower is supposed to be the tallest building in Cayman and it looks over the whole island, it was really cool to see.

The well known, and smelly, dump, which is the next tallest thing in cayman.

Kate playing in the new fountains.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Look How Much Our Church Is Growing!!

This is a picture taking about 8 months ago at youth conference. We had 6 youth in our branch
And this is a picture I took last night we have about 20 young women and young men. It has been so much fun to watch our branch grow as much as it has. We have had several youth get baptised and a few coming from primary. But look at us now. This is just proof that the church is growing so much everyday.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Beach Pics

Across the street from my house, boy I am I going to miss living here.
We went to the beach to JUST play in the sand but my kids had other ideas.
Pool time with dad on his day off.